Marketing to Latin Customers

The United States is becoming more racially and ethnically diverse every day. It is important that companies recognize these changes in the ethnic makeup of our country so they can better connect with the new audience and stay competitive in the changing market. Here we explore the Latin culture and how marketing strategies might differ from non-Latino markets.


The translation from English to Spanish must be accurate. If you are marketing to Latin customers outside the United States, be aware that the nuances in the Spanish language vary from country to country. It is important to make sure that you segment the market accordingly and make those variations from country to country, respecting those cultural nuances. This same concept applies here in the United States, as you likely have Latin customers from various countries who use various dialects. The most important consideration is to ensure that you are translating realistically and not literally so as to not miss-communicate your message.

Sales tactics

Avoid using high-pressure sales tactics, as these will be viewed by the Latin customer as confrontational and will not win you any new customers. Stress value, fun or whichever positioning point you have chosen, but do not be overbearing.

Value in relationships

Relationships are viewed as being more important than rules. Family and loyalty are extremely important cultural factors in the Latin community. Focus on relationship building and trust, and remember the core values of your Latin customers at all times.

Understanding interests

The interests of Latin customers will vary according to their socioeconomic status, and it is important to divide your Latin client base into segments to market to them accordingly. The segments are notoriously different with regard to leisure activities: for instance, tennis is the sport of the upper class, while soccer is popular among all market segments. Both upper and middle classes show interest in dining, dancing, spending time with friends, and networking. The lower levels, in contrast, show the most interest in their living space, focusing on home decorating and repairs and keeping the home clean.

All of us here in the Tampa area know the importance of understanding how to connect with the Latin community. We can use these skills to find success here at home and to advise clients and colleagues who are not as well acquainted with this demographic. If you would like some additional perspective from experts in the Latin marketing field, make sure to join us for lunch on Friday. It will be a great source of knowledge, networking, and of course food.


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