How to “Captivate” a Captive Audience

The best marketers reach out to their audience by locating the places they go and activities they pursue. What kind of ad space could you purchase that your ideal customer wouldn't be able to miss? When you see an advertisement at the airport, gas station, or grocery check-out line, you have become a captive audience member. You cannot help but notice the advertisement, and the marketer now has your attention until you have exited the plane, filled up your car, or purchased your groceries. Create these captive moments for your key demographic, and use these tips to make sure their attention turns into profit. Don't squander some of your best marketing opportunities on ineffective or lackluster advertisements.

Your Secret Weapon
The most important part of your advertisement is the tagline. You want to use a tactic that intrigues potential customers, encouraging them to think about your advertisement long after they have walked away. Brainstorm headlines that are surprising, humorous, thought-provoking, or maybe even controversial. Make sure that whatever wording you choose, it accurately reflects the purpose of your company or product.

Graphic Design
The visual appearance of your ad will also serve a role in how quickly it will grab your customer's attention, and how much it will appeal to them. Bright colors may be eye-catching, but be careful not to overload the ad with busy clutter that takes away from your message.

Create Something Fresh
Too many slogans have been repeated so many times that they stop creating meaning in the customer's mind. Avoid overused phrases and promises. Creativity and crisp clarity is the key to captivating your audience. Use strong, bold language that won't fail to deliver your message loud and clear.

Create Something Memorable
With every captive audience, you have an opportunity to make a memory that relentlessly works to create a loyal customer. Aim for brevity and clever word play. The human brain responds best to patterns, so the use of rhyme, repetition, or alliteration will make your advertisement linger long after its initial contact with its audience.

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