Why Rebrand AMA Tampa Bay?

We have been slowly rolling out rebranding plans that include our website and logo, among other things. Many of you have asked a very simple, but important question: “Why rebrand?”.

Here are just some of the comments:

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Explaining Reasons for Rebranding

In order to provide more perspective,  some board members and volunteers have chimed in:

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Then, Jay raised these good points on LinkedIn that deserve a more thorough response.

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How the Rebranding Process Began

This process really began as an effort to update our website and expand our digital presence. Within a short period of time,  the AMA Tampa Bay Board saw an opportunity to own the brand locally. The aim was to involve members and non-members in the process in order to give everyone a sense of ownership in the brand.

Unlike a global consumer brand like Nike or Coca-Cola, the American Marketing Association is just that: an “association” of local chapters. Perhaps a good analogy would be the states themselves. Is Florida different from California? Absolutely! Is Washington State different from Arkansas? Well, yes.

Each region is unique and that is how the AMA works. The parent organization provides a framework and a ton of support, but the success of the organization really lives or dies with how well the chapters do in localizing the experience.

Other AMA Chapters Rebranding

We are not the first and will not be the last chapter to rebrand. To give you a sense for what has been done elsewhere, here are some logos from other chapters.

Note: There are many more to peruse if you just do a google search for “American Marketing Association chapter logo”.



nama-logo-rgbtriangle-ama-logo-1 Atlanta-AMA-small


Benefits of Local Flavor

Due to the fact that local AMA chapters rely so heavily on local flavor, it’s important to make the local experience richer and more interactive. We want to intensify how we all connect as Tampa Bay based marketers. We want there to be an active marketing community in which members know each other, interact with each other, and leverage the knowledge each of us has. We want the AMA Tampa Bay to be that hub, whether it is in the real world or in the digital world.

Since we’ve announced our effort to rebrand, there has been a nice buzz.  While most of it has been positive, not all of it has been… and that is perfect. You might disagree with the points I have outlined and that is also great. Please continue to challenge them and continue the dialogue. In the process, we will all get to know each other and you will have a larger influence on not only what we are doing in our chapter, but also on the larger Tampa Bay marketing community itself.

Developing deeper connections through a deeper identity is the core of what we seek to accomplish.

Glenn-Pic-2 resizedAbout the Author:

Glenn Zimmerman
VP of Communications, AMA Tampa Bay

Glenn has what is best described as “Superhero Syndrome.” His affliction began as a child and has progressed with age.

He got into extreme skiing and extreme sports before they were a thing because every superhero should try flying at least once.

While at Boston University, it was his desire to save the day that brought him to Post- Soviet Russia where he explored the emerging homeless population.

His Syndrome brought him to journalism school at Syracuse University to get his MS in Mass Communications. He later became an award winning reporter with the number one station in Detroit (WXYZ-TV) and with NBC’s flagship station in New York (WNBC- TV).

And, it was the reason he formed the video agency Mad Bear Productions.

With Mad Bear, he harnesses the power of story to help business, non-profits and events engage with their target audience. Video is his tool and he wields it mightily.

Glenn is a sought after speaker on video engagement and mass media. It is all part of his quest to help save the day, one story at a time.

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