Why Collegiate Outreach?

At AMA Tampa Bay, we make it a point to reach out to the college and university communities in our area.  We strive to foster relationships through student chapters at both the University of South Florida and St. Leo University.  These relationships benefit not only the students, but also more seasoned marketing professionals.

What’s in it for Students?

Students who seek a career in marketing can give themselves an extra professional push with a membership in the AMA’s Collegiate Division.  The goal of the program is to ease the transition from college to the work world.  College students can enroll in the program either as individual members or through their college chapters.  They are invited to attend all AMA meetings and events.

  • Students gain vital opportunities to find mentors in their field and make connections with others in the profession.
  • Students get the latest information regarding internship and employment opportunities.
  • Through Marketing News, collegiate members get access to industry news, both in print and through the web-based archives at MarketingPower.com.
  • MarketingPower.com also gives collegiate members full access to other online resources, such as the Strategic Marketing Forum and Knowledge Center.

Ultimately the purpose of the collegiate outreach program is to assist students in becoming productive, fulfilled members of the professional marketing community. Newly graduated students may also join the AMA as Bridge Members, an intermediate step between collegiate enrollment and full membership in the AMA Tampa Bay Chapter. 

What’s in it for AMA Members?

Certainly Collegiate Outreach has clear-cut benefits for student members.  Yet current professionals also reap rewards from this connection with budding professionals. What better way to tap into fresh talent than by interacting with college students?

  • Aspiring professionals often bring new enthusiasm and vibrancy to a group.
  • Because younger members are still actively taking industry-related courses, they are often well-versed in new developments and trends.
  • Collegiate members make excellent candidates for internships and employment because they have already demonstrated outstanding interest in and dedication to the field of marketing. 

Get more information about membership or volunteering on the Collegiate Relations committee by contacting Ginger Reichl, Vice President of Collegiate Relations.  To apply for collegiate membership, click here.