Who Uses Consumer Feedback the Best?

The ability to effectively use consumer feedback can set any company apart from the crowd. Seeking out customer opinions will help you choose profitable directions for your company and inspire fresh ideas that appeal to your client base. Several successful companies lead the way, demonstrating how their approaches to consumer feedback have made them leaders in their industry. These three brands gave a listening ear to their loyal – and critical – customers, ultimately improving their customer experience.

Domino’s Pizza
Domino’s Pizza sought consumer feedback through the use of surveys, asking their customers to detail all that they like and dislike about their product and service. Domino’s openly shared the results with the public, and made changes to accommodate the tastes of their customers. Instead of hiding criticisms such as “cardboard crust” or “ketchup-like sauce,” Domino’s honestly shared even the harshest remarks, and then made improvements that not only improved the taste of their pizzas, but also showed their customers that their thoughts and feedback were important to the company.

Surveys are often completed online or over the phone. Some companies, such as Chick-Fil-A encourage extra customer participation by providing free chicken sandwiches to anyone who completes their phone survey. Chick-Fil-A’s policy of always listening and responding to their consumers has given them nationwide attention as a leader in customer service.

Software brand, Intuit, constantly seeks input from their customers about their problems and challenges, looking for holes they can fill and problems they can solve with upgrades to software programs. In a WTN News interview with Intuit founder and chairman, Scott Cook, Cook admits to an old-fashioned idea that brand reputations are created by customers, not marketers. To shape your brand favorably, you need to always have an ear listening for customer complaints and praise.

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