Where to Purchase and Display Online Advertising

As more readers move from printed newspapers and magazines to online sources, online advertising should become an increasingly important figure in your marketing efforts. If your ideal client base is online, your company needs a presence there too. Reaching potential customers where they already are – their most frequently visited websites and online services – will not only grab their attention the same way a print ad or billboard would, it also gives them the instant option to click through and explore your products or services immediately. All you need to do is decide where your future customers are most likely to frequent in the online realm.

Local New Sources

If you run a local business, advertising to a large national or global market could be a waste of your carefully budgeted dollars. Instead, you need to find websites that cater primarily to those in your immediate community. Almost all local and metro newspapers have an online home where they share their stories for free. Your traditional newspaper ads may be suffering from declining subscriber rates, but you can make up for this lack by finding new customers through their online versions.

Related Blogs

If your business serves long-distance customers, you will want to find a wider audience than your local newspaper can provide. No matter what you are selling, you can find the ideal platforms to advertise from in the online world. Contact successful blogs and other related websites in your industry to create advertising arrangements. These deals can range from a graphic in their sidebar, to mentioning to your business in a blog post.

Social Networking

You can target your ideal customers using the advertising space sold by social networking systems such as Facebook. Whether you are a small local bakery or a large global corporation, most social network ads can be directed toward users in a specific region, or matched with people who list related interests and activities on their profile page. These ads are often pay-per-click, meaning you only pay for advertising space when someone actually notices and interacts with your ad.

Our helpful network of marketing professionals will assist in guiding you through the process of purchasing effective and profitable online advertisements. Join us today to benefit from the resources and tips our community can provide.

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