What Makes Good Email Marketing?

No matter what kind of company you are working for, email marketing can be an effective method of bringing in higher conversions and sales. Unlike billboards and magazine ads, an advertorial email does not need to fight to grab a potential customer’s attention. Instead, your subscriber list provides the contact information for consumers who already enjoy and use the products and services you offer. Since they voluntarily requested email newsletters, half the battle is already won when you spread the word about new products or promotions.

Gathering Subscribers
An obvious characteristic of effective email marketing is a large subscriber list. Motivating customers to share their email addresses is easier than you might think. Periodically offering coupons for subscribers will always lengthen the subscriber list. Simply asking customers to subscribe as they check out will also help collect addresses. To keep a steady increase of subscribers, offer something in return for their participation. Free e-books or product samples will give your customers the push they need to sign up.

Providing Value
Once you have built your subscriber list, maintain your numbers by providing value with each correspondence sent. If your email marketing appears too advertorial, readers will likely unsubscribe or start deleting your messages without opening them. Provide relevant tips, ideas, promotions, or coupons with each message.

The Call to Action
Ask yourself what you want to accomplish with each email. Do you want to increase sales? Include a link to your online store. Do you want to persuade readers to attend an event your company is hosting? Give them specific information on when and where, and explain how they can purchase tickets. Although marketing with email can be a powerful tool to keep your brand’s name fresh in the consumer’s mind, you can’t expect them to purchase, join, or attend unless you are asking them to.

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