Today’s Cloud-based Solutions

We have all heard about the cloud, but what exactly is it? We can’t see it or feel it, but we know that the cloud is used by millions of users on a daily basis. Cloud is short for “cloud computing” and it helps us manage documents, pictures or any other file that is valuable to us. The cloud is mostly associated with Google drive or iCloud, but there are many applications such as social media platforms that use cloud-based services as well. The cloud is used throughout many of today’s industries.

Accidentally deleting files or computer memory loss lead to horror stories that impact a business’s health. The cloud helps store, manage and analyze important data. The modern work environment includes the ability to work remote. This is one of the reasons why the cloud is so essential throughout different industries. Cloud-based solutions enable companies with different locations to access the same files simultaneously through any device.

Types of clouds

Today we find businesses using public, private and hybrid cloud services. The main difference between private and public clouds lies on the management and maintenance of the data. Users might prefer private cloud-services for security reasons, although breaches on public clouds are rare. Why would a company prefer public over private cloud? Complexity and costs.

Choosing the correct cloud service depends entirely on the needs of the company and budget. Implementing a private cloud can considerably increase costs since the business is responsible for the maintenance. The maintenance of public cloud lies completely on a third party. Hybrid clouds are becoming more popular as they combine private with public cloud solutions and adapt to a business’s needs. The advantages of the cloud can be observed in productivity, security, reliability and cost.

Why should marketers be interested?

As new technology keeps rising, we must continuously adapt our ways of doing business. Similar to other industries, marketing has become a more complex field to work in. The more roles and duties added, the more planning, coordination, and organization is required. Let’s take the example of the newly-born social media marketing. We are now in need of community managers, influencers, bloggers and other figures that are crucial in today’s social media-driven world. There is a clear need for systems that are able to sustain these complex new work environments that generate significant amounts of data.

The cloud is a solution to combine efforts and achieve business goals. Not only can marketers use the cloud within their business, but also use it as a tool to present new products, ideas and increase customer engagement. Marketing efforts can be managed, integrated and personalized with a cloud-based solution. Technology helps businesses increase their productivity, therefore the key lies in implementing the correct solutions for each individual need. What cloud-based service is best for your business?

Veronica Scarlett Lopez Martin is originally from Caracas, Venezuela. Scarlett graduated in May 2018 from The University of Tampa with a Degree in International Business and Marketing. She currently works at CenturyLink as a CSM-Customer Support Manager within the strategic enterprise and government markets division. She is a blogger for the AMA Tampa Bay, with a background in marketing and technology.

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