Tips to Give Your Blog Some “Oomph”

What sets your blog apart from the rest? Most online niches are oversaturated with the same information presented the same way day after day. To find more than mild success in the blog-o-sphere, you'll need to step up your efforts and provide some extra "oomph" that not only holds the reader's attention, but inspires them to share and bookmark your work.

Tap Into the Reader's Desires
What is the underlying, pressing problem or desire of your readers? Go beyond information that is just "useful" or "relevant," and really get inside the mind of your audience. What headline would they be incapable of ignoring? Do your research, and write to that. Find blog posts already on the same topic, and then push beyond their suggestions and tips. Offer readers something new; or at least something presented in a new way. Not every post needs to be life-changing, but sprinkle in enough that your subscribers are constantly hoping for an update.

Aim to Inspire
Readers love to share and discuss the posts that tug at their emotions and give them fresh motivation to achieve their goals and accomplish new tasks. Everyone needs to be reminded about something. What does your audience need the extra push to do? These posts are great opportunities to share first or secondhand stories of self-growth and overcoming difficult challenges. You may have a  message similar to a hundred other blogs, but these personal touches will make each reading experience unique.

Exceed Expectations
Browse other blogs in your niche to discover what you can normally expect from a blog in your industry. Now how can you go above and beyond that? Maybe this means doing extra research to make your blog more trustworthy and authoritative. Maybe it means making a larger effort to really communicate with and connect to your regular readers. Other ideas might include offering a free e-book for newsletter subscribers, creating a weekly chat hash tag on Twitter, or even planning and hosting a conference for like-minded readers to meet and interact.

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