Tips for Reaching the Fast-Growing Hispanic Market

Who are your advertisements reaching?
We live in a diverse community, and it would be a mistake for businesses to only advertise to one racial demographic.The Hispanic market is expanding in Tampa Bay. How are you reaching out to this group? Try some of our tips!

  • Cross the language barrier. Try creating some Spanish advertisements to bring in customers who may know little or no English. Make sure the person writing your copy knows fluent Spanish and will not include any embarrassing spelling slip ups or grammar errors!
  • Appeal to the entire family. The Hispanic community often places a lot of value on close family relationships. Create graphics that children will enjoy and offer promotions that encourage customers to come as a family unit, such as free admission or dining for children or elderly parents.
  • Keep it light. Advertisements that use scare tactics or scarcity threats will likely turn off potential Hispanic customers or clients. Instead, keep your marketing friendly, fun, and carefree.
  • Encourage brand loyalty. Research suggests that the Hispanic community is one of the most brand loyal demographics in America. Take advantage of this making your brand obvious and streamlined, providing excellent customer service in fluent English and Spanish, and offering a consistently high-quality product or service.
  • Don't lump everyone together. Within the Hispanic are many subgroups. Your marketing technique will need to be readjusted depending on whether you are aiming for teens, parents, senior citizens, men, or women.

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