Tips for Putting Some “Spring” Into Your Marketing Campaigns

Freshen up your dusty old campaigns with these tips.

Do you keep going back to the same old ideas when it comes to planning your marketing campaigns? It can seem tedious and frustrating to rely on methods that are uninspiring because they've been done so many times. In order to keep your business thriving and get new customers interested, you have to continually come up with new ideas. Changing your campaign approach in small ways can make a big difference.

Simplify and focus. Take a step back and figure out what has worked for your past campaigns and what has not. Do some "spring cleaning" and get rid of your old ways of thinking. Focus on creating a clear and simple message for your current and potential future customers.

Change up your methods. Do something different and unlike what you have done before. If you only ever advertise online, try a print publication such as a magazine or community newsletter to reach a different audience. If advertising on a billboard worked in the past, why not try "walking advertisements" by having friends, family and customers wear you brand's merchandise? Look into mobile marketing too.

Rethink your audience. Your marketing demographic may be youth or teenagers, but should you be more specific? Try going a bit further and also reach out to those that are making the purchases: their parents. Make sure that you are advertising on a platform, like social media, that would catch the eye of both the buyer and recipient.

Do something fun. Plan a promotional party or run a contest to draw attention to your services or products. Host a gathering or open house at your place of business and incorporate fun, social activities for your guests. Be creative and invite other business owners and locals so that they can all learn more about what you have to offer.

Keep trying new things so that your business can continue to grow. Stay connected with other professionals through the AMA Tampa Bay network and visit our website to find out about our future events!

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