Social Media: Why It’s a Must for Small Businesses

It's not just teenagers logging in to their social media accounts every day to check their timelines and alerts. Many businesses now run their own accounts, which they update as fervently as your average 16-year-old. By using online tools such as blogs, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn businesses can spread word of their services, effectively communicate with their customers, and advertise new deals and products without making a dent in their budgets. If you run a small business, it is about time that you, too, join the world of social media.

Make a Connection
Today's consumers love feeling as if they have a personal relationship with the companies they conduct business with. An active social media account can transform a distant and impersonal office into a friend. When a customer feels as if they know you as more than just a corporation, it inspires feelings of loyalty and trust. Along with using social media to share information, use it to make true connections with the people who support you and your professional efforts.

Spread Word Fast
Social media gives you an instant platform for quick communication anytime you need to announce a new product, make a change in office hours, ask for customer opinions, or respond to negative publicity. Instead of waiting until you publish the next monthly or seasonal company newsletter, any news you have can be shared within seconds through your social media accounts.

Find New Customers
Not only is social media an effective method of communicating with current customers, it can also help attract new clientele. Offering valuable content or discounts for followers will bring in a consistently increasing follower base. You can also track down and strike up conversations with people or businesses that fit your ideal customer profile.

How do you use social media to benefit your business? Share and learn from the extensive network at AMA Tampa Bay! Consider joining us today.

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