Social Media Goes Beyond Marketing

Is it time to invest your energy into social networks? 

The advanced benefits of social media go beyond standard marketing strategies. If you run a small business or manage marketing for your company, it may be time to get started with social media.

Social media connects you to people on a personal level. When a potential customer follows your company on a social media site, you are being invited to create a personal connection. How?

  • Share stories about your staff or office
  • Explain the values and vision behind your brand or marketing message
  • Invite customers to share their own stories
  • Offer tips or suggestions that can help your fans see your page as a valuable resource

What are some other good ways to engage fans and followers on a personal level? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Social media helps you reach fans in real time. Advertisers can take advantage of a multitude of platforms to get a message across – but none can do so as quickly and effectively as a simple social media status update. For example, Oreo took advantage of this year's Super Bowl power outage to remind potential consumers that the snack could still be dunked in the dark. Thousands of fans shared the status, and with it, the marketing message.

Social media is revolutionizing communications. Brands and companies can no longer ignore the fact that salespeople who use social media perform better than those who do not. In a recent study profiled in Forbes, the findings are indicative of the national trend: for business, social media presence is shifting from "nice to have" to "necessary."

The Mayo Clinic Story
Learn more about how social media goes beyond marketing at our special event on Friday, September 27, 2013! Lee A. Aase, the hospital social media pioneer and director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media, will discuss how Mayo transitioned from the use of traditional news sources to social platforms, as well as the ways that Mayo hopes to improve healthcare tools through the use of social media in the future.

All healthcare and marketing professionals are welcome to attend!

Event Fees:
Members – $30
Guests – $40
Students – $25

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