Signs Your Business Needs Rebranding

Is your brand drawing in new business and instilling loyalty in existing customers?

There are few things more important to your professional success than the branding of your business. Is your company image working hard for you, or is it letting you (and your profits) down? Every organization needs a makeover every now and then. Watch out for these signs that it's time to rebrand.

  • You've made drastic changes to your business. Changes are inevitable, and as your business evolves you need to let your customers know. As you develop new purposes, you will need a brand that reflects your future rather than your past.
  • You want a new reputation. Maybe you've always been known as a company with great savings, but you're hoping to shift your image from "inexpensive" to "high quality." You need a brand redo.
  • Your current designs are dated. Still clinging to that logo your brother made for you in the 90s? If the style of your brand is being left behind, you will be too.
  • Your image is inconsistent. The key to successful branding is consistency. If your designs, color schemes, and messages are all over the place, you'll confuse your potential customers and ultimately become forgettable and overlooked.
  • Your repeat business is plummeting. Effective branding has the power to create unshakable customer loyalty. If most of your business comes from first-time clients who never return, something needs to change.

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