Seeing the Benefits of Street Marketing

Deliver your message directly to your target audience through smart, effective street marketing.

Marketing in a digital age often means taking advantage of online marketing strategies – but the benefits of street marketing should not be ignored. For large and small businesses alike, street marketing can be an efficient, effective means of interacting with potential customers.

When is it time to "hit the streets"?
Street marketing may not be right for every business, but there are a few easy ways to determine if this strategy will benefit your company. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will potential customers benefit from interacting with a member of my businesses' marketing team face-to-face?
  • Are there aspects of my business that can be more effectively communicated in person than through alternative marketing channels?
  • Does my target audience include a niche market that could be found in a specific location or at a particular event?
  • Could street marketing help my small business gain attention or increase our publicity?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, consider giving street marketing a try. Get started by determining how much of your marketing budget and time should be spent on street marketing. 

How can street marketing help my business grow?
"Grassroots" street marketing efforts offer businesses a unique opportunity – the chance to connect with a targeted audience without relying on a third-party medium, such as Internet ads or television commercials. Businesses can set up a display, marketing table, or banner in a public area where potential customers are congregating.

What are some examples of street marketing tactics?
Street marketing could mean anything from walking door-to-door with a sales pitch to passing out flyers in the middle of a crowded crosswalk. Some examples of street marketing might include:

  • Going to local businesses and asking permission to display posters, stickers, flyers, or other marketing collateral in windows or lobbies
  • Setting up marketing tables at local entertainment events: festivals, concerts, sporting events, etc.
  • Distributing marketing materials at college campuses, parks, or other settings where your marketing message can be delivered to your target market

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