Must-Have Mobile Apps for Marketers

Whether you went for iPhone or Android – or you sprung for the iPad – there are a plethora of apps out there just waiting to make your daily work easier. Marketers who aren't taking advantage of the vast mobile market available to them are missing out on tools that could improve both their professional and personal lives. Give these popular mobile apps a try and let us know how they assist you at the office.

As a marketer, even when you are off-the-clock, your brain is constantly creating, organizing, and filing away words, images, ideas, and campaign plans. No matter where you are, your phone or tablet can take those thoughts and capture them into text, picture, video, or audio and keep them safe for when you return to your desk. Save a thought on Evernote, and you can access it from anywhere – an office computer, your laptop at home, or on another device. Never lose a golden idea again.

Analytics App
Does blogging or website management fit into your typical marketing campaigns? If so, keeping a watchful eye on your traffic is probably a daily obsession. Feed your addiction with constant access to your website analytics through this mobile app. Create new goals to increase your daily unique visitor numbers and improve your bounce rate.

Power Point Apps
Download mbPointer for iPhone or iPad, and MightyMeeting for Android. These applications store all your Power Point presentations in the cloud, ready for access anywhere with an internet connection. You can also plug your device directly into a projector during a presentation. No more lugging around a heavy laptop just because you have a meeting that day.

If you're a freelance copywriter, graphic designer, or marketing consultant, downloading ClockIn to your mobile device is a must. Track your billable hours with ease and accuracy no matter where you're working today.

Do you have a favorite mobile app? Share it with us or learn more about the mobile apps that our marketers use in their daily duties. Join our helpful marketing network for resources, tips, and advice.

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