Meet the AMA Board: Sean Halter

Sean Halter is the Immediate Past President for AMA Tampa Bay.

Sean has been helping companies, big and small, grow their business for almost 15 years through creative use of marketing and advertising opportunities. He is the CEO of Connectivity Marketing and Media, a Florida-based advertising agency handling national and local clients. Using a custom “connected” approach to media implementation, Connectivity allows its clients to maximize tracking and results for their media and marketing campaigns. 

Here are some insights into Sean's marketing mind and his goals for AMA Tampa Bay!

1. What is your best marketing tip? Join AMA!

2. What do you love most about AMA? The relationships you build with people who care about communication and marketing.

3. What are your goals for AMA Tampa Bay? To have more connectivity and expand on being thought leaders.

4. What is your favorite social media platform? Facebook.

5. What is your favorite blog? Seth Godin's Blog

Want to hear more from Sean? Check out his AMA guest blog: What Connectivity Means for AMA Tampa Bay.