Marketing Trends to Look for in 2012

A new year brings new resolutions, expectations and, in marketing, a shift of focus from the year's end to the year that lies ahead. The New Year is a time marketers should take advantage of–a chance to clear their plates and start something new. By taking advantage of new and emerging trends, you can leverage your marketing and ultimately elevate your brand. So, here are some marketing trends you may want to look for and take advantage of in 2012:

More Content
Getting more valuable content out to your audiences is a big focus in 2012, but just getting it out there isn't the point–spreading it is. The use of sharing buttons on a blog or website will get others to help spread your message for free.

Reputation Management
Catching (and dealing with) customer issues in a timely manner is becoming a popular way to showcase your brand's trustworthiness and reinforce your reputation. Accepting and responding to customer feedback will show that your brand takes customers seriously and remains positive even through the worst.

More Photos
A picture is worth a thousand words, so why not use those words to your brand's advantage. Sharing of photos on social networking sites has skyrocketed, and one of the best ways to create interaction is to post relevant images that users are likely to share.

Creativity to the Max
Each year, marketers vow to "push the limit" when it comes to creativity. The trend for marketing is no longer just to "be creative" in their products but, instead, to build creativity into their culture as a marketing firm.

More Social Platforms
Google+ is something to be watched in 2012. It hasn't completely taken off with the general public just yet, but it–among other platforms like Pinterest–is something to keep your eye on for the New Year.

Focus on Timing
An emerging trend for 2012 is scheduling content to go out at particular times via social media and mobile platforms. Researching what time of day most people log in to Facebook, and sending relevant posts out at that time, will deliver great results.

More Mobile
Tablets and phones are the new computer, and so your website should be optimized for them. Delivering real-time and location-based content to mobile devices is a gold mine for marketers.

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