Marketing to Millennials: 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Marketing to Millennials means making the most of modern technologies.

When it comes to young adults in 2013, it seems that almost every one is tech savvy, carrying a smartphone, and has little patience for "old school" marketing strategies replete with impersonal tactics. In order to successfully market to millennial, the group of young adults who came of age during the 1990's-2000's, it is important to take advantage of the modern technology that most millennial interact with each day.

Five Tips for Marketing to Millennials:

1. Control your search engine presence. Many millennial rely on smartphones to search for new restaurants or shops, lawyers or doctors…virtually anything. Post signs in your place of business inviting customers and clients to leave positive reviews on Google, Yelp, Urbanspoon, and other major review websites. 

2. Make use of social media. Offer discounts for FourSquare check-ins, let customers "claim" specials on Facebook, invite staff to post photos of your products on Instagram. Each time someone "likes," retweets, or comments on a post on a social media platform, content is spread further. Furthermore, you are providing a platform for them to offer feedback, which is important to a generation that values the options to voice opinions online.

3. Engage them on a personal level. Millennials might as well be known as the digital generation. Marketing efforts on a personal level are best developed online when it comes to millennial. Whether through engaging them on a social media platform, or developing interactive contests or campaigns that get them sharing, viewing, and talking, successful social engagement is crucial to marketing success.

4. Don't employ mass marketing strategies. In today's world, millennial are used to custom-driven results, from targeted ads in their email inbox to banners across their favorite retail websites that promote the kind of music they recently listened to on a web-based app. Since the Internet is so inter-connected, your marketing should be, too. 

5. Know your customer. Use Google Analytics or a similar tool to find out who your target market is, then target them with custom advertising. The result will be a happy customer, who is only seeing marketing for products he or she actually wants. A happy customer is the best marketing message of all!

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