Market Your Business For Free

Although it pays off to invest in paid marketing campaigns, not all marketing efforts need to cost you money. There are several ways to spread word of your business without spending a dime. Experiment with some of the following ideas to expand your company’s reach and influence locally and globally.

  • Blogging – starting a blog is a great way to attract search engine traffic and encourage personal interaction and relationship building with your customers.
  • Community involvement – getting your business involved with local events and causes, whether through sponsorships or direct participation, will spread word of your brand and boost your reputation among potential local clients.
  • Contests – one way to encourage extra sales is to periodically host contests that reward a couple customers with valuable prizes or discounts. Contests can be done raffle style, or you can reward the 100th customer of the week or month.
  • Customer testimonials – copywriters can write persuasive content for your ads and website, but no one will beat the influence of a genuinely satisfied customer. Ask for feedback and post the most positive responses on your website under testimonials.
  • Incentive programs – hoping for your customers to sign up for a newsletter, purchase a certain product, or join a new membership program? Give them a reason to do so. Discounts or a free gift in return will always create conversions.
  • Social media – more consumers are turning to interactive, personal companies to meet their wants and needs. Using social media tools, such as Twitter or Facebook, to converse with customers will give your business an approachable feel, and provide a platform for instant communication.
  • YouTube – you might not have the budget for a commercial on television or radio, but uploading to YouTube is free, and viral videos have been known to reach millions.

For more ideas on free marketing, join AMA Tampa Bay. Our network and resources can help you devise a solid and effective marketing campaign on the cheap. 

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