Make Your Marketing “Greener” and Save Money

How much do you spend, and waste, on your advertising campaigns? You no longer need to sacrifice trees or finite energy sources to spread word about a business. As more people turn to the internet as their prime source of information, it becomes easier to utilize environmentally-friendly marketing strategies and save a few bucks in your budget. Have you tried any of these suggestions for "green" marketing?

Make Your Catalogs Digital
There is no need to flood your customer's mailboxes with catalogs. It's a waste of paper and money, especially when you think of how many people toss your hard work in the garbage, or receive multiple copies because of a glitch or name change. Moving your catalog online is easy, efficient, and cheap. It also gives your customers the opportunity to buy with the click of a button and post reviews after they have received your product.

Start an Email Newsletter
The quickest way to contact customers about upcoming sales, events, or promotions is to send out an email. The cost of email is minimal, and the paper you save will add up in no time. You can also organize your email list by gender, age, location, household situation, and shopping history, making it easy to pinpoint the right customers for the right announcements.

Try Online Advertisements
Go over your current advertising campaigns that are in print. Are these publications gaining or losing subscriptions? Most publications are noticing that their readers go online for their content, rather than purchasing a printed copy. As the readers move online, so should you. Paying for the expensive ad spaces in a print magazine or newspaper can really drain your bank account. Online advertisements sell at a cheaper price and often reach a larger audience. From an environmental standpoint, these ads use virtually no materials, creating less trash and wasted energies.

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