Hyperlocal Marketing

Hyperlocal marketing is one of today’s most -if not the most- popular way of reaching consumers. Hyperlocal marketing is a way of targeting consumers either offline or online, with a refined approach (i.e., a specific city or metro area). The key lies in the type of consumers that are targeted, who are members of a local niche market. Examples of this could be members of a specific city, main street, or college. This way of targeting has been around for years, since “WOM” or “Word Of Mouth” is a type of hyperlocal marketing. Its extraordinary success results from the rise of our digital era.

Consumers today have access to pictures, videos, and reviews online, attracting them (or not) to their local businesses. Social media has made it easier to implement hyperlocal marketing as businesses are able to target their niche market in a more effective way. We all know that social media platforms hold information from their users. With just a few clicks, businesses can promote their ideas, products, and services to whichever niche market they want simply by matching with user information.

Hyperlocal Resources

Popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google Maps have tools to help businesses with hyperlocal marketing. Google is considered the number one hyperlocal search engine. Google Maps allows users to easily find your business, even if it wasn’t in their original search. Twitter has a location-based search feature. Facebook allows users to find business locations, as well as upcoming events. Local hashtags across social media platforms are also a great way to aid businesses. A strong social media campaign is required to attract consumers, but the good news is that businesses will have the necessary tools within each platform to locate their target market.

Hyperlocal marketing is great for all types of sizes of businesses, but more so for smaller businesses. Your new local vegan restaurant can take enormous advantage of this marketing strategy. Is there a better target audience than the local neighbors? Big NO! The use of hyperlocal marketing for small business has clear benefits.

How to Improve Hyperlocal Marketing

Giving back to your local community is a great way to improve your business’s hyperlocal marketing. This is also something that both Millennials and Gen Z value. Making consumer’s proud about the place they are in is important for boosting B to C connections. Businesses must create relevant content that will help connect them and interact with potential consumers. 

Hyperlocal marketing has been around for decades and its popularity will not decrease any time soon. This way of reaching consumers focuses on location, as it involves targeting local consumers. Social media platforms are continuously expanding their tools for business, helping to improve business’s strategies. The use of hyperlocal marketing can be decisive in business success, along with the relevant content aimed at current and new consumers.

Veronica Scarlett Lopez Martin is originally from Caracas, Venezuela. Scarlett is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Instructional Design & Technology at The University of Tampa. She previously worked at CenturyLink as a CSM- Client Support Manager within the strategic enterprise and government markets division. She graduated in May 2018 from The University of Tampa with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Marketing. Scarlett is a blogger for the AMA Tampa Bay, with a background in marketing & technology.

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