How to Win at Reputation Marketing

Take advantage of reputation marketing to rise above the competition.

The rise of modern technology has allowed for consumers to swiftly react to their experiences at places of business by posting opinions, both positive and negative, to worldwide websites. Turn reputation marketing into a winning strategy for your business with our tips.

What is reputation marketing?
How many people do you know who have ever left a review for a business on an online site? That’s reputation marketing. When it comes to marketing, nothing beats the value of a referral, right? Reputation marketing is basically a referral on the largest scale – and, because of modern technology, it’s more important than ever before.

How can I use reputation marketing to increase my business?
With reputation marketing, organic results are part of the package. You can’t control what consumers post, but you can try to provide them with a positive experience and to encourage positive feedback.

  • Offer exclusive discounts when customers “check in” on popular apps or “feedback” focused websites.
  • Implement fair, competitive pricing.
  • Place links to your business review pages on the bottom of receipts or in doorways, inviting customers to leave reviews.
  • Develop a social media policy so you know how to handle feedback.
  • Address problems and offer to resolve negative experiences.
  • Make social engagement a focus, and respond to customer feedback on all sites where your business has a presence.

What should I avoid when it comes to reputation marketing?

  • It can be tempting to try to sway opinions by offering exclusives or free items in exchange for positive feedback, but that is discouraged.
  • If a customer leaves negative feedback about an experience, don’t ignore it and do not delete it. Instead, address the issue and offer to resolve it.

Reputation marketing is just one aspect of a successful marketing strategy. Learn more about marketing for your business by joining AMA Tampa Bay!

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