How to Successfully Utilize the Blog-O-Sphere for Marketing

It seems like everyone has a blog now. Do you? Whereas these internet tools used to primarily house the personal thoughts and opinions of individuals, the blog-o-sphere is now filled with successful interactions between businesses and customers. Setting up your own corner of the web makes you instantly more accessible, approachable, and personable to the people you want to do business with.

Ramp Up Your Titles

Attracting readers is your first step to attracting new customers through your blogs. The most effective way to get new and old readers to browse through your most recent post is to think of an attention-grabbing title. Titles that tease the readers’ curiosity, target one of their prime desires, promise to meet a need, or inspire a little controversy will always attract clicks from RSS feeds, search results, or virtual bookmarking pages. Of course, you should always be careful to fulfill your title in each post. Never trick your audience into clicking a headline by promising something you don’t deliver – you’ll lose their trust and they won’t fall for it again.

Tone Down the Advertorial Language

When creating copy for your ads you might use grand, persuasive language, but readers won’t want to read an extended advertisement on your blog. They want genuine communication. When blogging, focus more on providing value for your readers rather than convincing them to make a purchase. Although you will certainly mention your products and services, the majority of your posts should aim to benefit or entertain the potential customer.

Issue a Call to Action

When natural and appropriate, issue a call to action on your blog. This is when you will slip in a plug for your latest deal or a link to your online store. Your call to action could vary from buying a product, to visiting your business’s main website, or connecting with you on Facebook or Twitter.

Starting a new blog from scratch can be intimidating, and beginner’s mistakes are often glaringly obvious to prospective readers. Benefit from the wisdom of blogging veterans in the AMA Tampa Bay network. Visit us online to learn about the benefits of membership today.

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