How to Sell to Baby Boomers in the Current Economy

The baby boomer generation is the largest age demographic you can market to, although many advertisers ignore their massive potential for spending. In today’s tough economic times, successfully targeting your campaigns toward those born between 1945 and 1965 can bring in the sale quantities your company needs and keep your business afloat. Learn how to appeal to this generation, grab their attention, and create a stable repeat customer base.

Busting Baby Boomer Mythologies
Most marketing directors focus their attention on a young audience, believing that those over 40 are less likely to pay attention to advertisements or spend money on new products. On the contrary, as the baby boomer generation approaches their years of empty nests, retirement, and inheritances, their spending will continue increasing, especially within the technology industry. Although baby boomers don’t typically develop the brand loyalty that a 20-something might possess, they still have an appetite for new gadgets, new cars and high-quality appliances.

What Not to Do
Baby boomers don’t want to be handled like senior citizens, but they will also feel alienated if your marketing addresses them the same way you would a 30-year-old. Overly youthful advertisements for a boomer may appear condescending, while addressing them like they are two steps from a nursing home will offend them. Boomers want products that make them feel young, but in a realistic way.

Approaches to Take
The best advertising always speaks to the desires your target audience already possesses. When selling to the baby boomer generation, you want to appeal to their sense of luxury and comfort, their intelligence, and their curiosity about the latest technology. Don’t think that the boomer generation has outgrown its longing to appear attractive. Products that enhance sex appeal or bring out a youthful appearance can easily be sold to older customers.

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