How Can “Pinterest” Be Used for Marketing?

For the past couple of months, a new social media network called Pinterest has been steadily grabbing users left and right into its creative visually-based world. Members of pinterest collect images, often connected with outbound links or brief amounts of text, to form "boards" under many categories. Popular board topics include food, fashion, exercise, travel, crafts, weddings, interior design, or education. If your business easily lends itself to images and photos, pinterest could become an effective way to spread the word about your products, services, blogs, or ideas.

Attracting New Eyes
One of the best aspects of Pinterest for marketers is that your influence isn't limited by the size of your following. Pins are often spread among strangers because many users browse outside their own circle to find pins categorized under topics that interest them. Instead of having to split your efforts between building an audience and producing content, you can concentrate more fully on finding ideas and images that will spread like wildfire through the Pinterest community.

Creating Popular Pins
The most popular pins on Pinterest are both visually pleasing and useful for other pinners. You will also want to create pins that encourage a click-through to your blog or company's website. To create highly aesthetic pins, invest in a professional camera or photographer. Try to incorporate lots of color into your photographs or graphics, and keep a clear background so that your subject will pop out at the viewer. Useful pins will typically teach the user how to do something (instructions are often found in the outbound link) or inspire new ideas.

What Types of Businesses Should Use Pinterest
Pinterest will work better for some businesses than others. The more visual your business is, the better Pinterest will market it. If you work with food, fashion, decor, weddings, events, physical fitness, beauty, travel, or educational resources, Pinterest could bring in a whole new clientele for you.

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