Do You Know the Key Processes to Successful Email Marketing?

by Nick Zivolich

There are 10 emails waiting in your inbox. Do you have time to read all 10? Of course not, who does!  Which ones are you going to open and which ones are you going to move to the trash? Make sure your customers don’t hesitate with your emails! Read these tips to learn how to get your customer to open your emails every time:

1.Branding: Branding is key in email marketing. One must make sure their colors, logo, links, etc. are in line with their brand. Stick with 2 fonts (one for the titles and the other for the text). Use 3-4 colors throughout your email (these should be the same colors as your company’s website). If you are having trouble properly matching your logo’s colors with your email template, download the program “Color Cop” it is a great easy to use tool. Remember, people’s eyes are drawn to the top left corner of your page; this is where you should place your logo!

2.Have a Call to Action: An average adult spends 45-50 seconds looking at an email. It is vital to have a “call to action” in the top 30% of your email. A strong call to action includes links to click on, information to print out, phone number s to call, or instructions. Make sure to describe what’s in it for your audience, what they should do, and why should they do it right now. Keep in mind people are 67% more likely to click an image or video over text to learn more.

3.Make social media links and share links easily accessible: Social media is all about sharing. The more a person shares your page’s content, the more other users become familiar with your brand. Make sure to place your social media links and share links in an easy accessible place.

4.Make sure your from name is familiar and your subject piques curiosity: There are two ways to get people to open your emails: a familiar from name and a strong subject line. Make sure the “from name” is from someone they know and trust. 60% of consumers say the “from” line most often determines if it is opened or deleted. Use the name of the organization, instead of someone’s particular name. Next, create a subject line that motivates people to open the email. A subject line that is 5-8 words long, that contains numbers, communicate what’s in it for them, piques curiosity, encourage action, and is informative will have the best open rates. Shoot for an open rate of 30% or higher.

5.Send at a proper time: Studies show that Tuesday-Thursday between 10-2 pm receives the best open rate. Not only is sending your emails at a suitable time important, frequency is another factor that should be determined. At the least a minimum of one email per month should be sent out. Consumers need to remember your brand and learn your new products and sales!

6.Grow your mailing list: Growing your mailing list is key to expand your brand. Add “join my Mailing List” links to your website. With adding this link you should also give them the option of what type of information they want to receive. Another way to increase your contacts is to add a “Join my list” link on your organization’s Facebook page.

Use these tips for your next email campaign! Don’t worry it may take a few test trials to get the hang of it. With a little practice you will have a successful email campaign in no time!