Best Ways to Stretch Your Marketing Budget

You may not have the marketing budget you dream of, but even a modest amount of cash set aside to spread the word about your brand can make a difference in your number of clients and bottom line – you just need to get creative with what you can accomplish with a small budget.

Get the Most Mileage Out of Your Current Ads
While it is a mistake to keep running advertisements that are stale, outdated, or inaccurate, never ditch a campaign just for the sake of building something new. Ads can remain effective far longer than most businesses use them. Don’t expend the extra creative energy and funds it takes to build an entirely new campaign when the old one is still bringing in the right numbers. When it does come time to refresh your approach, don’t throw out everything. Consider which existing photos, graphics, and text could still be of use in advertisements, leaflets, or company information packets.

Reconsider Your Needs
Assess where your marketing funds are currently going. Some costs may not be necessary for your business. Expensive formal, glossy marketing literature isn’t necessary for most companies. Find the materials and approach that really communicates who you are and what you offer. Many times the best options won’t be the most expensive ones.

Find Free Publicity
You don’t always need to pay to grab the public’s attention. Creating a web presence for your company and attracting eyes through search engines, social networking, and online community building will create a genuine connection with your potential clientele. Offline, get involved in local activities that will form relationships and spread the word about your services or products.

Are you trying to work out an effective advertising campaign on a miniscule budget? Join our network of marketing professionals for advice, success stories, new ideas, and extra resources. Sometimes all you need is a fresh pair of eyes!

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