Best Fresh New Ideas for Email Marketing

Using the same marketing strategies year after year will result in customers who are deaf to your message and immune to your approach. It pays to regularly review and update the way you interact with and incite interest in potential consumers. Consider these fresh, new ideas for email marketing and start brainstorming some ideas of your own.

Rethink Your Design
You no longer need to avoid using images or video to prevent slow loading times. Unless you are only serving a small local community with limited access to high-speed internet, most people now use cable or DSL connections that can handle a visually-friendly and eye-catching email design.

Get Interactive
Today's consumers have become sensitive to blatant advertorial language; instead they respond to interactive relationships that promote community, rather than just sales. Email marketing can come across as one-sided and self-serving if you aren't careful. Include surveys or an encouragement to join the discussion through social media.

Pinpoint the Right Customers
After getting a couple communications that aren't relevant to their situation or interest, a customer might start hitting the dreaded "delete" button without even opening your email.  Prevent this by directing your offers to specific customers as best you can. When someone signs up for your newsletters, ask for more than just an email address. Ask questions about gender, location, age, professional industry, family situation, and hobbies. If you run an online store, track orders and send emails to customers about other products that complement their recent purchases.

Put Yourself in the Customer's Pocket
Your emails are probably already popping up on smart phones. Take another step in that direction by promoting a mobile application that can detect location, alert customers to localized deals and events, or take payments or orders through the device before the customer even reaches the store. Start including the app in your email's call to action.

What is your most creative email marketing idea? Share it with our network and find more inspiration from other industry professionals. Learn more about the benefits of joining AMA today.

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