Should I add my LinkedIn URL on my Resume?

Today, people are walking into job fairs with their resumes in hand as usual, but with a very different approach. Recruiters are now looking for LinkedIn URLs on the resumes of potential employees. Why? LinkedIn is a tool that gives people the opportunity to go in-depth about what they have written on their resumes. Imagine an online resume with pictures, videos, links, recommendations and connections!

Not only can you describe your experiences more in-depth, but people can also connect with them! You may have previous bosses, professors or colleagues recommend you on LinkedIn, as well as share your recent promotion with friends. Does that mean employers will only look for you on LinkedIn? No. You must always be really careful with the content you upload to all of your social media platforms (Facebook. Instagram, Twitter…). Protect your public image! This can have a huge impact on your personal brand.

LinkedIn is seen as people’s “professional Facebook page,” which does have some truth to it. LinkedIn shares some similarities to Facebook in terms of the features provided by the platform. Some of these features are personal profile, interests, connection requests, groups and home page. This platform is not only for connecting and looking for potential employers, but it goes a step further by allowing people to comment, like and look at other’s connections. As opposed to Facebook, LinkedIn shows people’s direct friends/connection, in addition to second and third connections (“indirect”).

One thing to look out for is the incorrect URL. You want to have a personalized URL, without unnecessary numbers or symbols. Here is how to change it:

  1. Go to your Profile Page and click on “Edit Public Profile & URL” on the top right corner.

2. Click on “Edit URL” on the top right corner and delete any extra numbers or symbols.

LinkedIn has grown from being an extra platform to a professional essential platform. Professionals MUST have a LinkedIn account if they want to be successful competitors in the job market. Having a all-star LinkedIn page will definitely help your personal brand. Next time you update your resume, make sure to add your LinkedIn URL to your personal information at the top of the page.

What are your experiences with LinkedIn? Comment below!



Veronica Scarlett Lopez Martin is originally from Caracas, Venezuela. Scarlett is a blogger for AMA Tampa Bay, with experience in content creation. She has worked on various social media platforms with companies like Parmalat and Sodexo. She is also President of The University of Tampa Women Business Professionals Association and a member of The University of Tampa AMA Chapter.

Scarlett will be graduating in May 2018, from The University of Tampa with a Degree in International Business and Marketing. LinkedIn: