5 Ways You Can Improve Your Online Reputation

Building an online brand and earning a solid reputation takes a lot of time and energy, but it only takes one disgruntled customer with a large enough audience of their own to leave your name tarnished. Observing, maintaining, and improving your online reputation is a crucial priority for any brand. If your name needs some lifting up, try these five suggestions to bolster your reputation on the internet.

#1 – Don't Hide from Criticism
No one can please everyone, and every business will encounter a customer from time to time who just isn't happy. Sometimes these customers will even take to their Twitter, Facebook, or blog accounts to let the world know what they have to say. This may be your worst marketing nightmare, but you can't hide under the covers and pretend it isn't happening. Speak up, correct misconceptions, offer apologies when necessary, and do whatever it takes to correct the situation. Let the unsatisfied customers – and anyone else following along – know that you are listening and that you care.

#2 – Encourage Satisfied Clients to Speak Up
You probably have more happy customers than you know. People are more likely to talk about a business they are unhappy with than the ones that meet their expectations. Create opportunities on your social media accounts for the people you've pleased to share what you're doing right.

#3 – Build Relationships with Your Loyal Customers
One of the largest benefits to social media is the ability to personalize your brand. Talk with your customers in a friendly manner. Let them know you appreciate their business. Interactions will encourage a priceless loyalty among your online followers.

#4 – Engage in Relevant Discussions
Spread word about your brand and promote a good reputation by joining online discussions that are relevant to your industry. Sharing valuable tips and insights with those in your field will create a personable and trustworthy reputation.

#5 – Find the People Talking about You
The most effective method for improving your online reputation is to know when it needs work and why. Pay close attention to your mentions on Twitter and scour the web for your company's name by using the Google alert feature. Thorough reputation tracking will help you find and solve reputation problems before they grow too large to manage.

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