5 Ways LinkedIn Can Benefit Your Business

If you’re looking for a way to build an online presence for your business, signing up for the social networking site LinkedIn might be your first step. Unlike other internet social scenes, such as Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn is designed specifically with businesses and professionals in mind. You won’t need to wade through seas of animal pictures, goofy videos, or mindless chatter to find information about the resources, networks, or job candidates you are looking for. Not certain about how LinkedIn can help your company? Here are five ways the network routinely helps companies every work day:

  1. Pull in new customers. Interacting in groups relevant to your industry, or answering questions from other users will spread your company’s name and grab the attention of potential future customers.
  2. Connect with your clients. Linking up with current or past clients will remind them of your services and products, keep your name fresh in their mind, and give you an easy way to alert them about changes or additions happening within your business.
  3. Network with other professionals. Instead of viewing other similar businesses as competition, LinkedIn transforms them into valuable resources. When you face challenging circumstances or decisions, you can ask questions or seek opinions from others in your industry.
  4. Search for new hires. Whether you need another employee, or you want to outsource certain tasks, LinkedIn can show you the resumes, portfolios, or recommendations for potential workers.
  5. Find investors. LinkedIn can help connect you with investors who might be interested in funding a new start-up, project or expansion.

A network of professionals will help you build a strong business and career. Along with LinkedIn, the American Marketing Association will provide you with the connections and resources you need for success. Learn about the benefits of joining us today. 

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