5 Tips in Designing a Brand Identity

Developing your brand takes time, thought and creativity.

A brand can consist of an entire corporation or just a single individual. And with that brand, you are telling the masses who you are and what your company is all about all in the context of a word, phrase or image. You also want the message that you're putting forth to be creative and unforgettable. Here are five things to consider when working on the identity for your brand.

1. Decide on a name. This could be the most important factor when it comes to branding. You need a name for your business that conveys what you do while also being catchy and memorable. You may decide to change or update your logo later on, but the name remains the same.

2. Determine your style. Figure out how you want your business to be seen and remembered. You can use bright colors and certain fonts to show your personality. For example, a child care professional may want to use multiple, vibrant colors, while a law firm may opt for simple, clean text.

3. Create a logo. This may take a few tries, but you should come up with lots of variant options for your business logo. Details such as size, font, type, color along with any pictures or images can be mixed and matched until you find your favorite.

4. Define your audience. Do your research to find out the preferences of your target audience. Tailor your brand identity to your potential customers and keep them in mind when creating your company's tagline, for example.

5. Be different. Stand out from your competition in order to be seen and noticed. Keep in mind that there's no rush, so take your time and develop your brand identity so that it is a reflection of you.

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