5 Tips for Creating Successful Calls-to-Action

Make the most of your marketing message with a clear call-to-action!

When it comes to your business website, it is essential to create a strong call-to-action. With so much information available online, knowing how to turn Internet consumers into customers can be tricky. So, how do you create a successful call-to-action? Increase your Internet marketing efforts with these 5 tips:

1. Show consumers the value of your business. Whether you run a small firm or a large corporation, the most important aspect of interacting with a potential customer is making it clear that your business can help fulfill a need or satisfy a desire. When crafting your calls-to-action, use clear, concise language to let readers know exactly what your company can offer.

2. Determine your marketing message. Potential customers can end up on your website in any number of ways – from a web search, through a link, or in another roundabout way. Figure out what message you want to convey, and incorporate this theme into every call-to-action.

3. Use action verbs. Your call-to-action should compel readers to do something that will increase conversions. Whether you want to ask potential customers to click, call, register, or buy, it is essential to use strong action verbs in your calls-to-action.  

4. Make the call-to-action stand out on your website. While content is usually king, a call-to-action relies on good design as well as good copy. Enlist a graphic designer to help design an attractive call-to-action template. Think of it as an advertisement – choosing the right color, text, and images can all play a role in helping your call-to-action capture a reader's attention. 

5. Offer a rebate, discount, or exclusive deal to encourage follow-through on your calls-to-action.
Make potential customers feel significant with your calls-to-action! Encourage them to complete a form or follow a link by baiting it with an exclusive offer for discounts, eBooks, white pages, or rebates.

Creating a successful call-to-action will make your website stand out! AMA Tampa Bay can provide valuable resources to help your business achieve marketing success. Learn more about joining our team.

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