5 Best Content Marketing Tips

Looking to boost your profits? Quality content marketing can bring in multitudes of fresh faces from your target demographic.

The free content you provide for your blog, Twitter page, Pinterest boards, or YouTube account can be one of your most powerful tools in attracting loyal, paying customers. Yes, quality content takes time and talent to create, and it may seem counterintuitive to offer it all for free – but for many companies, content marketing has made the difference between a failing or thriving business. Take your content to the next level with these five tips.

  1. Create a plan for attracting traffic. Of course you need great content, but without a group of readers, viewers, or followers, even the highest quality content is worthless. How will you be found? Will you spread the word on social media? Will you optimize your website for search? You need a plan from the beginning.
  2. Ask yourself, "What's in it for them?" Content marketing is primarily about meeting the needs of your intended audience. Right now, they aren't interested in you. They want information, advice, or entertainment without strings attached.
  3. Mix it up. Don't limit your content marketing to one medium. Your potential audience receives information best in a variety of ways. While some will prefer detailed blog posts, others may flock to the simplicity of a Twitter update or Pinterest picture. Audio learners will appreciate high-quality podcasts or videos on the topics that interest them.
  4. Include guest posts or interviews. Not only will this content provide a fresh voice for your audience, it will attract new readers or viewers who follow the person being interviewed or the guest poster.
  5. Interact with your audience. Active engagement with your readers or viewers is one of the best ways to promote customer loyalty. Majority of companies cannot survive without regular repeat business. Give your audience a reason to keep coming back.

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