Where to Begin? Getting through Brain Block

Creating content, especially on the scale many businesses are doing now, can be exhausting. What do you do when you feel like you just can’t anymore? Here are 4 tips on how to get past your content block.

Pause and take some time to research ideas.

I’m sure you have a long list of ideas and content you plan on publishing, but it never hurts to continue your research. The digital landscape is ever changing and so is the content within it. Keeping up-to-date on SEO, social media, and various hot topics within your industry will help you create timely, relevant content your audience will want to consume. When you are having trouble focusing, take a few minutes to read what is out there. You may even find more inspiration during your search.

Think from your audience’s perspective.

Why would your audience want to read your content? What’s in it for them? How much time will they spend to consume your message? How will your message stand out above the “noise” of other messages? Take a moment to step into their shoes. Thinking through someone else’s perspective or even taking the time to ask someone else their opinion on the same subject can help you break out of your mental block.

Plan out what you need to do or create an outline.

If you are confused on where to go, taking time to plan is a great help. This does take some time, but it can cut down on the number of questions and work you will have to do later on. Outlining a piece of content or planning the steps of a project will also aid anyone you are working with since they will be able to physically see your thought process. Never underestimate the power of outlines.

Walk away for a minute.

People sometimes underestimate the power of breaks. Even if it’s just a minute, this can help give your brain the much-needed breather to keep creating content. Our brains are fantastic at problem solving, creating, and multitasking. However, like any muscle, it needs its resting period. Taking a moment to get a glass of water, use the restroom, or even a quick walk around the office (or your house if working remotely) can help. Since your brain is still continuing to work while you have a break, you may even get your creativity flowing better than before!

Don’t feel like you will be stuck forever. Everyone has a brain block or moment where they can’t focus. The important part is understanding what is happening and moving forward. Any of these tips can help you through, but maybe there is something else that works for you. Don’t procrastinate. If you start with research, then outline, and take breaks when needed you will have less brain blocks.   

Rachel Wichlacz is a Wisconsin native and Florida resident currently working at CuraScript SD as a Marketing Lead Analyst. She has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from The University of Tampa. Rachel is a blogger for AMA Tampa Bay with a background in marketing, design, and technical communication.

Connect with her on LinkedIn.