When and How to Distribute Your Own Product

So, you’ve created a new product that you think could enrich the lives of potential buyers. Development is finished, and you think you are ready to sell. The problem is that you aren’t sure where to begin. Self-retail can be tricky business, no matter what kind of item you are trying to market. Without the right timing and preparation, many entrepreneurs find themselves with crates of unsold merchandise and no profit to speak of—but a well-crafted approach could bring you from wannabe to rock star.


No matter how confident you are with your final product, you need more opinions before you launch your business to the public. Find family, friends and strangers—anyone who will provide honest feedback—to give you their thoughts, criticisms, and ideas for improvement. Listen carefully to what your test audience tells you. Even if you don’t agree at first, keep an open mind. Pay special attention to anything repeated by more than one tester. Tweak your product as necessary, and spend at least a couple of weeks advertising and building the hype before your official launch.

Determine Your Target Customers

Few products will appeal to everyone. You need to determine whose needs you are trying to meet before you can make a successful sale. Consider the gender, age, income level, and profession of your ideal customer, and keep those characteristics in mind while you make decisions about advertising and marketing.


There are many ways products can be distributed to customers. Some will be sold through a physical store. Others can be mailed to buyers around the country. Items such as e-books, audio files or videos can be purchased online and downloaded.

There is no shame in starting small if you keep working toward your bigger aspirations step by step. You may want to eventually start your own store. With hard work, many self-retailers can eventually reach this goal, but they usually get their start by selling from their home, from a temporary stand, or by asking small local stores to sell their items. Likewise, online purchases can be done through a middle man such as Café Press, Etsy, or Amazon.

No matter what you’re selling or how you’re selling it, you need a solid marketing plan to bring in prospective customers. Let us help you take your business to the next level by connecting you with other marketing professionals and giving you the information you need to succeed.


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