What Connectivity Means for AMA Tampa Bay


by Sean Halter

Each year the new AMA President tries to select a "theme" for their year. The theme is supposed to act as a bit of a road map and encompass the strategic goal for which the chapter can strive throughout that year (which runs July-June for some odd reason).

This year, I chose the word "connectivity" for many reasons;  most importantly it's the principle on which I have based my company, and I believe when followed, it ensures success. To me, "connectivity" is at its essence that time-tested belief that people want to do business with companies they know, like and trust – what's changed is how you connect to them! I set out the over-reaching goal of trying to find new building blocks with which to "connect" AMA to the marketing community at large, as well as ensure we are providing multiple "connections" to individual marketers. Coming off the successful relaunch of amatb.wpengine.com, we set up several key objectives to create stronger "connectivity", including:

1) A true member database integrated into the AMA Tampa Bay website – launched in January of this year

2) More speakers from the major brands within our backyard – accomplished with several amazing local brands appearing for the first time, including HSN, Seminole Hard Rock, Gold and Diamond Source and more

3) At least one large scale event to help increase awareness and membership -incredible success with almost 300 in attendance for this sold out event with Chick-Fil-A CEO, Dan Cathy


As we round out the 2011/2012 year, we have exciting "Connectivity" still on the horizon, including:

1) The development of our Marketing Leaders Advisory Council – made up of key Marketing Executives in the community, to provide guidance and a deeper pool of marketing connections

2) The formation of the AMA Tampa Bay Scholarship Foundation – to build and connect the next generation of marketers to our community

3) The creation of our own local American Marketers of the Year Awards – which will highlight the work of so many companies and marketers doing great work right here in Tampa Bay

For all of you who attended an event, joined us as a member and/or visited one of our many different types of touch points – on behalf of the entire board of AMA, without whom all of the above could not have been accomplished, we thank you and hope you will continue to connect and grow with our brand in the year to come!