Volunteer of the Quarter: Savannah Voci

Congratulations to our Q3 Volunteer of the Quarter – Savannah Voci! Savannah currently serves AMA Tampa Bay as the Vice President of Community Outreach after previously operating as Director of Promotions for Marketer of the Year. In what is almost a year’s worth of work, Savannah has made an immediate impact on AMA Tampa Bay and we look forward to all that is yet to come! Read on to hear more about her volunteer experience and all that she has found the organization to offer.

How did you originally get involved with the AMA and what was your path to joining as a volunteer?

I originally joined AMA to truly learn more about marketing. I graduated with a Psychology degree just a few months earlier, so my only marketing experience was through internships and my job. I ended up attending my first event because Visit Tampa Bay sponsored it, and my boss told me to go make sure everything went well (thanks Patrick!). By the end of the event, Jenn (Madame President) had me convinced and ready to join the MOY volunteer team. Since that day, I’ve been all-in with the AMA.

What is your favorite part about being a volunteer with the AMA Tampa Bay?

I love volunteering because of the community that comes with it. It has been such a great way to meet people I otherwise wouldn’t have known. I also love how it gives me the chance to learn and do things I don’t normally do in a day at work. I feel like I have gained so many skills I wouldn’t have otherwise.

What have you learned from being a part of the AMA?

I could go on and on about what I have learned from being involved in the AMA. I’ve learned so much about marketing, but even more about myself and my own abilities. I never imagined being on a board of directors at 22 years old – especially one where my ideas are taken just as seriously as those from marketers with years of experience. The AMA has really taught me that if you give 100% and have something to offer that makes you a valuable asset, there will always be a spot for you at the table. I also learned that wine pairs very well with all meetings and events.

What has been your favorite AMA event to date?

Marketer of the Year 2018, of course! I also had the opportunity to attend the AMA National Leadership Summit in Chicago in May, which was an absolute blast.

What do you do in your day job?

I’m on the marketing team at Visit Tampa Bay, where I get to brag about our city through social media and exciting marketing campaigns every day. It’s a pretty great gig and you should follow us on social media!

If you didn’t work in marketing, what kind of work do you think you would do?

I am obsessed with the Today Show, so I would definitely work there. Ideally, I’d be sitting next to Savannah Guthrie, and we’d make a ton of jokes about having the same name and being best friends, but I would honestly settle for anything. My side hustle would be owning a cat café/wine bar. I really haven’t thought about it though.

What is a little-known fact about you that AMA members may not know?

I studied abroad in Australia and went skydiving my second day there. I’d jump again in a heartbeat! Bonus fun fact for anyone who got to the bottom of this: I still have a baby tooth. Kind of cool, kind of weird.