Volunteer of the Quarter – Q2 2013

Once a quarter AMA Tampa Bay recognizes one volunteer who stands out from the others, and for the second quarter of 2013 this volunteer is Patti Sidote from our Membership Committee.

Patti SidoteSome fun facts about Patti:

  • She is a native of South Florida and holds a BS degree in Consumer Economics with a minor in Marketing from FSU.
  • Patti enjoys spending time with her family, and has more than 15 years of direct marketing experience, which is a huge benefit for our membership efforts … as we try to engage local professionals and convert them to members.
  • Patti is now responsible for new business development with Intelligent Targeting, which provides customer acquisition and retention services for its clients. Before doing this, she took a six-year break from the marketing world and taught elementary school … and she credits AMA with helping her get dialed back in to the marketing work.
  • Now … during the past year, Patti has served as our Chapter’s Director of New Member Acquisition, and she has done a superb job. But during the last quarter, she really upped her game, and has been one of our Chapter’s most active and visible members. So much in fact, that she was just named our Chapter’s new VP-Elect for Membership.

Thanks for all you do on behalf of the Chapter, and for doing so much to help us recruit new members!