Using Email Marketing Campaigns Effectively

Email marketing is an extremely valuable tool that allows you to communicate easily with your audience, relaying useful information, furthering promotion, and keeping open the lines of communication. However, with the amount of spam most Internet users receive on a regular basis, it is important to follow a few rules in order to utilize this tool effectively.

Opt for opt-in lists only. Avoid the urge to purchase a list of contacts. Instead, email to a list of customers who have requested to receive the email. Your list may be substantially smaller, but it is important to aim for quality over quantity. Also bear in mind that from a legal standpoint, your emails must include the option for recipients to opt out of the list if they so choose.

Scheduling. It is important to remain consistent with the scheduling of your emails, whether you choose to send them out weekly or monthly. Aim at sending them Tuesday through Thursday around 9:00 in the morning or around 1:30, just after lunch. Avoid Mondays or sending emails on the weekends.

Content. Your content should be relevant to your audience and of good quality. Over time, you will notice that the traffic on your website will increase on the day of and day after you send your email. Consistency and quality are key to increasing traffic and driving sales. Use your email campaign to distribute promotions, promote events or keep your customers up to date with what is going at your company.

The look. Keep the format of your email simple and professional looking. Avoid lots of graphics and large images that will load slowly. Check the formatting to ensure that it can be viewed correctly regardless of the computer or Internet browser being used by the reader.

Subject line. Be sure that the subject line in each email is eye-catching in order to compel readers to open the message. Tell readers why they should open the email instead of just blandly stating what is in the communication.

Website. Make sure that a page on your website has a registration form that allows users to register for your newsletter to receive information on all upcoming sales or promotions.

Email marketing can be a great means of keeping in touch with a core group of customers. You can offer your avid clientele special incentives and offers to help keep your brand ambassadors happy. If you are interested in learning more about this or other marketing tactics, find out more membership in the Tampa Chapter of the American Marketing Association.


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