Top Reasons Companies Fear Social Media (And Why They Shouldn’t)

Social media isn't just for the 20 and under crowd anymore. Every day more businesses and publicly facing personnel create Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and LinkedIn profiles.  Although some companies are understandably hesitant about dipping their toes in these foreign waters, it could mean new levels of success for your business. Here are the top miscalculated reasons why you might be resisting the social media business revolution.

You Don’t Know Where to Start
If you aren’t using social media in your personal life, you might not know how to begin building online profiles for your business.  Although signing up for these services is often self-explanatory, where will you go from there? Complete novices often outsource their social media efforts to experts, but a do-it-yourself approach is also feasible. Your efforts should be divided into two categories: establishing a connection with your customers and potential customers, and providing valuable insights, advice, and interactions with your followers. These are both characteristics that any business owner will naturally possess, regardless of his expertise with technology.

You’re Avoiding Public Criticism
Yes, social media has made many customer complaints more public – but this will happen whether you are involved in social media or not. Your involvement in the online world will actually give you a way to find disgruntled customers, reach out to them, and make things right. It will also provide your PR team with a platform to respond to negative publicity if it reaches the masses.

You Have Doubts about Your ROI
Social media may be free, but it will cost you time. How will you know that your efforts will be worth the extra hours you and your staff put into an online presence? Although finding exact numbers could be difficult, it is common business sense to go where your customers are. If you are targeting an audience of people who frequently use social networking sites, you need to establish your name there with them.

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