Job Searching? Searching for Employees? Here are the top 6 Reasons why our new job Board Rocks!

Are you job searching? Have you heard about our Job board? The job board is a crucial step in the AMA Tampa Bay’s rebranding process. If you haven’t heard about our chapter’s ongoing transformation, you probably need to change your Internet provider.  Since early March, we’ve slowly been introducing you to the new logo in preparation for next month’s big website reveal.  We also discussed the “why” of our rebranding efforts in an earlier blog post.  Just last week, we introduced you to our new job board – a value added service to help AMA members and local employers find jobs and employees.

Sometimes though, the really important things can get lost in the shuffle. There are a lot of irons in the proverbial fire here at AMA: from rebranding efforts and special events to discussions on meat loaf.  (If you haven’t joined in the meatloaf discussion you really are missing out.)  For that reason, we want to underscore the new job board again, explain how it can help you in your job search,  and present you with the top 6 reasons it rocks:

  1. Employer Relevancy – No need to wade through a seemingly endless pile of resumes from job seekers who are amazingly qualified and would love to work for you, but all they’re asking for is for you to pay their relocation expenses or work remotely. Posting to our job board is the answer to targeting local marketing professionals who live in the Tampa Bay area. Let’s keep it local, we say.
  2. Candidate Relevancy – This is the flip side of the coin or a variation of the theme above.  The job board is exclusively for marketing jobs in the local Tampa Bay area.  If the Bay Area is your home, if you’d like to stay here, and if you are job searching,  our job board is the place to list your resume.
  3. Branding – Companies want to attract, hire, and retain the best and the brightest.  It’s just good business.  Our job board helps employers actively build, manage, and promote their corporate cultures as “best in class” on a local level. These benefits allow companies to attract the best talent the Bay Area has to offer.
  4. Member Value – Not only does the AMA Tampa Bay Job Board pair local companies with local talent, but it’s also free for members and member employers alike.  A member employer is any company that has an employee who’s a member of AMA Tampa Bay.  That’s a win-win!
  5. Non-Member Value – As an added bonus, if a non-member employer hires a candidate from our job board – and the new hire joins AMA Tampa Bay (or is already a member) – the non-member employer can apply the posting fee to the employee’s new membership (or future renewal). The non-member employer will also be re-classified as a member and can start to post job listings for free.
  6. Community Reinvestment – Job posting fees help the chapter support and provide exceptional professional development resources to our members and assist college students as they transition from the classroom to the workplace. The fees actively support our business and community leaders of tomorrow.

So, there you have it.  The Tampa AMA job board is a first rate  job searching tool to match local employers with local marketers.  It provides companies an opportunity to promote themselves as “best in class”. It’s free to members and member employers alike. For non-member employers, the posting fees can be applied to an employee’s membership fees.  It represents a great community investment.

Whether you’re looking to hire or be hired, take a few moments to visit the new job board and get started.  It rocks!