Top 5 Tips for Marketing to Sports Fans

Fans are a major source of revenue in the sports industry. Find out how to market to them specifically.

Between ticket sales, clothing, toys, games and other memorabilia, fans are generating a lot of revenue for sports teams. Reaching out to passionate people about their favorite athletes, teams and games is one of the smartest moves you can make. Follow these tips to turn loyal fans into loyal customers.

1. Engage and Have Fun
Yes, sports marketing is a business. But it's also one that can be fun and exciting. It's a good thing that sports fans love to talk about all things related to sports, so increase interaction and ask them about their favorite plays, what they think about the team uniforms, or even what music that like to hear at the stadium.

2. Don't Be Exclusive
People of all ages can be sports fans, so even though you may be targeting a younger or middle aged demographic, don't discount seniors. Even take those that you may not think of as fans, like moms or young girls, into consideration.

3. Add Incentive
Fans love knowing that they're getting special perks or deals because of their die-hard love for their team. Show your appreciation for their enthusiasm by offering extras that make them feel valued.

4. Post Quality Content
Avoid posting too much or too often and make sure there's a reason for the content you're posting. Do you want people to enter a contest? To sign up for a newsletter? Providing quality versus quantity will keep readers interested.

5. Get Others Involved
Whether you're marketing for a local team or major players, try to get a well-known name or face involved. Fans will definitely take notice if their favorite athlete or sports star is incorporated.

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