The Pieces of Our Online Community Puzzle: Rebranding AMA Tampa Bay

Listen up, AMA Tampa Bay members! We’re gearing up to do some serious community building online. Last week, we announced the selection of Fry Hammond Barr to help us build our website, an essential piece to our overall goal of rebranding AMA Tampa Bay.

What our Online Community Building Will Entail

First, we plan to set up a members-only section within our new website. You’re paying for AMA membership, so you deserve benefits in return. In the process of rebranding AMA Tampa Bay, we will give you just that! Our members-only section will offer valuable marketing information and opportunities only available to AMA Tampa Bay members. Our goals for the members-only section are the following:

  • Expand knowledge: We want to serve as an educational resource for marketing professionals. Our members-only section will offer an archive with marketing related information that isn’t available elsewhere online, or at least isn’t available elsewhere for free.
  • Share information: Our site will offer a place for you to post information, solicit feedback from others, and discuss any marketing topic that interests you. This will be your opportunity to create and/or expand your professional online presence and connect with others in the AMA community.
  • Job search: We’ll offer a network for members to leverage during a job search. We have many connections with reputable companies in the Tampa Bay area. They’re all looking for passionate talented marketing employees at one point or another. What better place to start your search than AMA Tampa Bay?
  • Recruitment: Members will be able to leverage our network to recruit for permanent and contract positions. If you are looking for candidates for marketing positions, you won’t have to spend time weeding out resumes of non-marketers!
  • Find business opportunities: Our members-only section will have requests for proposal (RFPs) and other types of business opportunities listed here that you will not find elsewhere. We’ll create a space where you can find, connect with, and respond to potential clients.

Outside the Members-Only Section

Outside the members-only section, you will find other features that focus on connecting our website to social media and to other websites. Our first courses of action are the following:

  • Blog: Our blog will update you on AMA’s latest plans, issues, and events.  This will also be a good place to start discussions about what we’ve posted, make suggestions, etc.
  • Dynamic updates/social media: Our site will feature dynamic updates and will be fully integrated with our social media pages.
  • Integration with AMA national chapter: Our site will be fully integrated with the AMA national site. Navigating from one site to the other will be easy. Also, information on the national site that would be useful to our Tampa members will also be available on AMA Tampa Bay’s site. This full integration will offer opportunities for you to connect with AMA members outside of Florida.

Our plans will start with what’s listed above and will continue to grow beyond this. We’re always open to feedback, so please let us know if you have any ideas about other features you believe we should add. The rebranding of AMA Tampa Bay is a fluid and dynamic process and we welcome advice from those who believe they can help it along. We have an exciting journey ahead of us and we hope you will join the ride!


About the Author

Chiara Tedone


Chiara is Digital Content Creator and Blog Manager for AMA Tampa Bay. She is Co-founder and Director of Winning the Fight, a non-profit organization specializing in neurodegenerative disease research. Chiara is also a freelance digital marketer for small businesses and is finishing up her MBA with a specialty in marketing from the University of South Florida. Prior to moving to Florida, Chiara lived in Washington, DC. She earned her BA in International Studies from American University’s School of International Services in 2007 and worked for Booz Allen Hamilton and the Department of Defense thereafter. Her hobbies include obstacle racing, running, swimming, kayaking, SCUBA diving, and opera/classical singing. She also loves country music and chocolate!

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