The Marketing of Craft Beer

In honor of our upcoming event at 3Daughters Brewing in St Pete on December 3rd, we are exploring the booming craft beer industry.  According to Brewers Association, Florida ranks 5th in the US with over a million barrels of craft beer produced per year.  We have compiled a few examples of how craft beer businesses across the country have successfully promoted their brands in strategic ways.

Strategic Partnerships.  Ragin’ Cajuns Genuine Louisiana Ale was introduced this Fall as an exclusive beer sold at The University of Louisiana at Lafayette football stadium as part of a partnership with the university and Bayou Teche Brewing.  The beer celebrates the school mascot and the Cajun and Creole cultures in Lafayette.  In just two months, the new beer is becoming Bayou Teche Brewing’s No. 1 selling brand.

Social Media Jackpot.  Lakemaid Beer posted a video on You Tube last year and has generated over 700,000 views with help from Facebook shares and extensive news coverage.  The short video shows a drone delivering a 12 pack of beer to fishermen on frozen Lake Waconia.   It became newsworthy when the Federal Aviation Administration said that delivering beer by drones is violating guidelines.  The brewing company hoped the video would go viral with the fisherman community, but the controversy with the FAA propelled it even further.

Patriotism.  Dog Tag Brewing prints a fallen soldier’s full title, name, and full story on each beer they produce.  The company’s mission is to brew quality beer that also delivers a message that remembers and honors those whose lives have been lost in combat.  They also pay tribute to the soldiers on their Facebook page that has more than 72,000 followers.

Charitable Donations.  Stone Brewing Co. has contributed more $490,000 in cash and donated more than $290,000 worth of beer to various charities last year, according to an article on  They have held the belief that to be a successful company, they must be part of the community.  This dedication has strengthened the brand with each donation to charitable fundraisers.

This is just a handful of craft beers that found effective methods to promote their brand and build their identity.  Whether it’s building on the local vibe or aligning with a charity, the result can lead to very loyal customers when done well.  That is the formula that every marketer seeks.

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By: Alison Clinton

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