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What is brand journalism? Many marketers are curious about how brand journalism can impact their careers, companies, and clients. Soon, Lisa Arledge Powell, renowned brand journalism expert, will share her knowledge with us at our next event on March 27.  Mrs. Powell already answered a few of our basic questions about brand journalism, but there’s more to come! The interview below will give you a taste of what’s in store for the March 27 event. Enjoy!


 1. Do you consider “brand journalism” a new tactic in the PR/marketing world? If not new, do you consider it an under-utilized tactic?

 “Brand journalism is discovering and creating news content on behalf of a brand. Some forward-thinking PR professionals have been approaching PR in this “news-minded” way for years, myself included. However, the PR and marketing industry as a whole has just recently embraced brand journalism because of a major communications shift. Two things have happened: the way that consumers get their news has expanded and they are now more open to outlets other than the major news organizations. At the same time, the journalism business has cut staff and resources, so they are more open to considering story content from outside sources.”

 2. Why do you think brand journalism is so powerful for healthcare organizations?

 “Brand journalism is powerful for healthcare organizations because the best storytelling in this genre features compelling stories of real people. These types of personal “triumph over tragedy” . . . stories are everywhere in healthcare!  There are so many inspiring, motivating, and important stories featuring the real people being helped by healthcare organizations that need to be told. Brand journalism also gives hospitals, medical associations, and other healthcare brands the opportunity to tell their amazing stories of new studies and innovations.”

 3. Should every healthcare organization be using brand journalism? If so, why?

“When deciding whether or not to adopt a brand journalism approach, it’s important for an organization to understand their goals. If their goal is to promote sales messages in a straightforward way, then brand journalism is not the right fit. But, if a healthcare organization is looking to use a more organic approach to marketing by creating, developing, and promoting their stories . . . in a newsworthy way, then brand journalism could be the perfect choice.  . . . From our experience, hospitals that use brand journalism are able get their story in front of a large number of people within their target audience. “

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Event Details:
Date: March 27, 2015
Time: 7:30am-10:30am
Location: The Chart House
7616 Courtney Campbell Trail, Tampa, FL 33607
Speaker: Lisa Arledge Powell – President and Co-founder of Media Source

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