Tampa Bay AMA Spotlight | Steve Kelley

Current Board Title: VP Membership

Years on the Board: 9 months

How did you originally get involved with the AMA and what was your path to joining the board?

I was part of the membership committee for almost 12 months.  Based on my active participation and results I was asked if I would be interested in the Board position.  Since I was seeking a leadership opportunity for a non-profit, the timing also suited my personal interests.

What is your favorite part about being on the AMA Tampa Bay board?

Either the relationships you form with the other Board members or being able to see the results of your efforts and know the difference it makes in accomplishing the AMA’s mission.

What have you learned from being a part of the AMA?

You can really benefit a non-profit with your time if you just do what you say you will do.

What has been your favorite AMA event to date?

As a Board member I was invited to our association’s national event in Chicago.  Besides relationship building, you get an opportunity to understand what is working and what needs work across all AMA chapters.  Since this event is the kick-off of the upcoming fiscal year strategic planning session, that was, for me, my favorite event.

What do you do in your day job?

I represent TriNet in a sales capacity throughout Tampa Bay.

If you didn’t work in marketing, what kind of work do you think you would do?

Own my own business which would not keep me away from marketing or sales.

What is a little-known fact about you that most AMA members may not know? 

I completed my MBA with honors this year.