Startup Stars: How They Achieved Success

Follow in the footsteps of these startup stars!

Evan Sharp, Todd Hills, Eric Grosse. Do you recognize these names? Maybe not, but they all have one things in common and you'll want to learn from them – they all head up startups that flourished in the fertile grounds of the internet and brought in instant value for the new companies. Take notes on their secrets! These paths to success may help you find yours.

They focused on the idea before worrying about the profit. Evan Sharp, co-founder of Pinterest, was quoted by Inc. to say: "We didn't build this company to build a really hot tech start-up…It came out of what we wanted to build—more than the idea to build."

They started with a simple concept. Sharp didn't create a complex social network. He had a simple idea: a website where you can collect and share pictures. He created a visually-pleasing environment where people could do what they were already doing on Facebook and bookmarking sites – and people flocked to his easy, well-planned design.

They took an old idea and made it better. You don't always have to reinvent the wheel. Look around you. What can be improved on? What's becoming obsolete? How could you transform these ideas to better fit a modern world? Todd Hills took the concept of a pawn shop and brought it online when he created Pawngo, a site that loaned $2 million in just six months of business.

They prioritize customer service. The quick growth of a company can shut down in an instant with just one misstep with a vocal client or customer. TaskRabbit CEO Eric Grosse stresses the importance of satisfactory customer experience, even for online startups where customer interaction is minimal.

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