Social Influencer Marketing and Why It’s On The Rise

Social Influencer Marketing and Why It’s On The Rise

Last year, influencer marketing was one of the top social trends, with its growth expecting to increase in the next year. Research shows that influencer marketing can create up to a 960% return on investment, but this is really dependent on the successful execution of an influencer campaign.

The growing use of social media has altered the traditional forms of media, and advertising is no exception. Consumers are looking to social media more than ever before to make purchasing decisions. Whether it’s company pages, niche bloggers or famous celebrities, social media makes it easy to directly connect with the consumer.

Advertising has flooded social media, which has led social platforms to alter their algorithms to decrease brand visibility and increase interactions between people. That’s where influencer marketing comes in. This type of marketing can work around these algorithms by using prominent industry leaders to share a brand’s message with their large audiences. As opposed to an ad, which can make a consumer feel targeted for their business, a social media influencer’s promotion of a product seems more like a genuine recommendation from a friend.

Influencer marketing can sometimes even be more cost effective for brands on a budget. However, social influencers must be chosen carefully so that a brand effectively reaches their target audience. Partnerships are formed by negotiating an exchange between the brand and the influencer. These influencers can produce unique content for a brand to reach new followers and a loyal customer base.

Keep in mind that all influencers are different and produce content unique to their own brand while promoting yours. Brands have a certain degree of control, but the authenticity associated with influencer-produced content makes it a powerful sales tool that all brands should consider in 2018.

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